Tai Chi an ancient Chinese martial art

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that uses slow rhythmic movement to simulate and cultivate the body’s natural energy. By moving from posture to posture in a continuous flow, muscles are stretched, the spine is flexed, joints are loosened, connective tissue is massaged and the blood is oxygenated. Tai Chi is also a sophisticated self-defense system that uses sensitivity to neutralize and control brute force.

Tai Chi offers good health, peace of mind and renewed vigor. It is for anyone who wants to move with greater strength, grace and ease as they get older. For the serious student, it can become the driving force behind personal health, physical fitness (including self-defense).

Ocean State Tai Chi offers classes which are structured so students receive individual instruction, as well as group practice. Each student progresses at their own pace and the exercise is customized to fit each individual’s physical needs.

There are no uniforms to buy – students should wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes.

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